Sierra Valley Gran Fondo Home

| Where the Mountains Meet the Valley


Mega Fondo $120

160 Miles | 11,243 ft. Elevation Gain | Start: 6:30 am
Cut Off: Rest Stop 5 @ 1:30 (Sunrise: 6:49am | Sunset: 7:00pm)  GPS Route

Gran Fondo $100

96 Miles | 5,380 ft. Elevation Gain | Start: 7:30 am
GPS Route

Medio Fondo $65

66 Miles | 775 ft. Elevation Gain | Start: 8:30 am  GPS Route

Piccolo Fondo $50

33 Miles | 336 ft. Elevation Gain | Start: 9:00 am GPS Route


Why Ride the Sierra Valley Gran Fondo?

The Sierra Valley is a short drive from Reno and is one of the most picturesque landscapes in the area. The Reno Cycling Club is working with The Sierra Schools Foundation to host a truly unique cycling event. The Sierra Valley Gran Fondo will raise funds to help the children in the rural communit